Debbie Talman

I can't help but wonder what is going through your brain when creating one of your paintings.

- Quote from Debbie's mother

Debbie Talman is a Virginia native and nature lover (garden lover). She studied art at Longwood University, VCU and various workshops around Richmond, VA including working with children in local private schools with art related studies. Traveling to Paris, Cuba, and Florida, spending time on the water with her friends and with her partner, Robert, have inspired her art. Favorite artistic influences are The Impressionists and Picasso along with visits to the Musee de Orsay and Louvre in Paris (and other small galleries) and Fusterlandia in Cuba. If Debbie isn't painting, then she is cultivating colors in her garden.

Bold, bright colors using acrylics, oils and mixed mediums are dominant in her artwork. Lots of layers and textures are obvious. Themes can be nature related from whimsical to abstract. Debbie has worked with clay sculpting and more recently painting on canvas and other objects including furniture.